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Bull Network is intended for people willing to achieve wealth and financial freedom but unable to do so because they're not financial experts.

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About Bull Network 

The objectives of the Bull Network Organization are to fight poverty and suffering on a global scale, while promoting equality, love and sharing. Our mission is to build a community of like minded individuals who seek more than just material abundance; a community built around service to others and so providing a path to spiritual gratification and true happiness through abundance in God.
The structure of our community resembles that of a republic and as such we are a "Cloud Nation" created under God.

Staking Plans

Our Staking Plans


1.20% Daily

USD 10.00 - USD 45.00


1.20% Daily

USD 50.00 - USD 100.00

Bull Pro

1.20% Daily

USD 110.00 - USD 150.00


0.80% Daily

USD 150.00 - USD 1,000.00
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Bull Network will pay you a direct Bonus that's is calculated 7% of the amount of any succesful and not refunded or reversed payment (origin payment) made by the subsequent, who is committed by Bull Network for staking in the funds