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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of bull Network?

Bull Network is owned by the community in the same way that Nigeria is owned by the citizens of Nigeria. There are teams who look after and maintain the servers, programming development, support, and general administration in the same way civil servants r

Can I own more than one account?

No! Only one account per individual is allowed.

Can I join Bull Network Organization For Free?

Yes, join our social community https://t.me/bullnetwork

Who can join Bull Network

This is a Global community accepting members from any country, creed, class, race etc. or anything else you may perceive as a difference. Here there is no difference and all are treated equally.

What is the requirement to join Bull Network?

A will to participate in the growth of and the will to add value through service to our 'nation'.

What is Bull network Organization?

We are a community (an Online Nation) of like minded people who seek more than just material gains. A community built around service to others for the good of all.

Is Bull Network a Ponzi / HYIP / Pyramid Scheme?

We do not require any payments from members to operate or to generate disbursements, nor do we need to expand our community in order to make these disbursemements. We are therefore nothing like a Ponzi, HYIP or Pyramid Scheme.